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Michael Brunner

Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board

Michael Brunner is a Journeyman Electrician, Gold Seal Certified Project Manager and Superintendent, who actually earned his original “City and Guilds” in 1966 in his hometown of Bristol, England. Mike worked as a Superintendent on some of Calgary’s large downtown office towers from 1978 – 1982, moving up to Project Manage the building of several new acute care hospitals in Calgary and Canmore, as well as several government buildings, during 1982- 1996. Looking for the next big challenge, Mike decided to start Allied Projects in 1996. Always one to inspire and look after his people, Mike found many of the tradesmen he had led gladly followed him to Allied, where many still work 20 years later. Mike built Allied Projects by being interested in each person as an individual, not just a worker. He is a “heartful” leader whose personality infuses Allied and makes it the people-focused company we are today. Wanting to give his employees the opportunity of ownership, Mike turned Allied into an employee owned corporation in 2008.

Mike has spent his career as a strong advocate for the electrical industry. He has served on several industry Boards such as the President of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta in 2006, and later on the Board of Directors for the Merit Contractors Association, and on the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee. A big believer in the value of the electrical industry as a career choice, Mike supports the RAP and the YEC programs at Allied offering youth the opportunity to experience work in the trade at an early age.

In 2012, Mike handed over the day-to-day running of the company to the management team. He remains the Savvy Sage who guides and mentors through stories of experience, providing many illustrations of creative solutions to past construction problems. A spec book junkie, Mike loves to translate the academic world into the building world.

In his spare time, Mike runs a horse ranch with his wife.

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Dan Ellingson

Vice President, Construction

Dan Ellingson is a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician who has worked in several management positions within Allied Projects since he started in 2000. He began as a Commercial Project Manager, moving to Service Manager in 2002, then to Civil Infrastructure Manager in 2005, and to Vice President, Construction in 2009. Prior to working with Allied, Dan worked as a Project Manager and Estimator in Alberta’s oil & gas industrial industry, and as a Maintenance Manager in a manufacturing plant.

Dan helped build Allied Projects by expanding into new areas of the electrical industry: into healthcare in 2002 developing our procedures so we could work safely and efficiently in acute care hospitals; then into civil infrastructure in 2006 by creating partnerships with street lighting suppliers; and into P3 project work in 2008 – creating the systems needed to work on these large projects which require a lot of collaboration with diverse teams, tight schedules, and extensive reporting. In 2012, Dan spearheaded our organizational restructure to one of interdepartmental teams – which we call triangulation.

A third generation Electrician, Dan grew up watching and listening to the electrical industry from an early age. He is an avid fisherman, regularly found along the Bow River and on the Pacific Ocean.

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Brian Reed

Business and Project Development Manager

Brian Reed is a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician who has been with Allied Projects since 2001. He started as an apprentice working in our Service and Small Projects department, and truly found his niche. Becoming a Service Technician in 2005 and then the Service Coordinator in 2007, Brian built our Small Projects department into a Special Projects department by creating an atmosphere of trust with his customers. He quickly grew to be the leader of that department through mutual respect and interdependence of the Technicians. When Brian put out a call that a customer needed help, his whole team responded. In 2013, Brian took on a brand new challenge becoming our Business and Project Development Manager. Believing in “developing customers for life”, Brian has leveraged his strong relationship building skills by setting Allied up as the Go To Electrical Contractor for many of our customers in the Commercial and Civil Infrastructure arena, as well as for our Special Project customers. He loves the competition and the rapport of the construction industry. Brian became the Calgary Chapter President for the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta in 2015.

A family man at heart, Brian adores his daughters and wife and dog, and they love spending their time together in the mountains.

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Jason Lane

Production Manager

Jason Lane is a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician who was the first apprentice to complete his entire apprenticeship with Allied Projects. He started in 1997, became a journeyman in 2001 and has worked in every construction department of Allied. Jason knows every crook and cranny of Allied. Becoming a Foreman in 2004, Jason led many healthcare projects in both acute care hospitals (including the Foothills Medical Centre, the Peter Lougheed Centre, and the Rockyview General Hospital) and private clinics. Moving up to Project Manager in 2008 he managed some of our larger commercial projects such as the Genesis Centre of Wellness and the Grey Eagle Casino Expansion and Hotel, and some of our more complicated projects such as the new Air Traffic Control Tower and the Co-Generation Plant at the University of Calgary. Jason is currently our Production Manager and overall in charge of our Commercial and Civil Infrastructure departments. A believer in TEAM, Jason’s mantra is that we can do more as a group than as individuals. He puts this in action daily rallying his teams and motivating through encouragement with a good dose of humour. Jason is a real people-person who always has something going – including the best Newfie practical jokes – to which he regularly subjects our office staff. An effective communicator and collaborative problem-solver, Jason’s management style is appreciated by his customers.

Jason is a tinkerer by nature passionately curious about how things work. Most evenings and weekends, Jason can be found cheering on his children’s soccer teams.

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Debbie Friesen


Debbie Friesen is a Certified General Accountant (now a Chartered Professional Accountant) since 1987 with a Bachelor of Administration and a Management Certificate in Construction Administration. Prior to joining Allied in 2010, she worked in the construction industry as a manager for 20 years with a general contractor, an EPC company and a transitioning subcontractor – and brings those varied perspectives to Allied. Debbie loves the complicated layers of contracts, financing, documentation and structure – and that every project is different. She is responsible for the financial, administrative, risk management, IT and HR functions at Allied. Being a stickler for keeping costs down, she has been dubbed “Overhead Nazi” by Jason.

Most weekends, Debbie can be found in the mountains – hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, skiing – and rewarding the day with a glass of red wine. But if the temperatures drop too far, she is more likely to be found in her kitchen cooking up a delicious meal to tempt family and friends.

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