Allied Projects

Contract Types

Allied works under many different contract types so we know how to work with different teams and in different situations. Our tenders are competitive thanks to our purchasing power and experienced estimating teams.

Design Build

If the project requires a collaborative approach to design a big picture vision, not just the construction phase but the entire life cycle of the facility, a Design Build contract may be your best choice. These contracts often minimize risk for the owner and reduce construction schedule time, all while allowing for innovative ideas to achieve a higher quality product. Allied has built many projects under a Design Build contract and we’d love to build yours.

Stipulated Price

When the specifications and drawings are complete, a stipulated price contract is often the preferred choice for clients because of the certainty of the cost of the project. Because of our creditworthiness and trustworthiness, our customers have peace of mind knowing their project will be completed as specified.

Unit Price

Mostly used in civil infrastructure projects, these contracts are used when quantities cannot be accurately established. They also allow for an earlier start to the construction schedule sometimes overlapping the design phase. We have worked with Unit Price contracts on many municipal and provincial projects.

Construction Management

Does your project have a tight timeframe? A limited budget? Allied has completed many projects where the scope of work was not well defined before construction commenced, for example – multi-phased projects – and yet we were able to save our client time and money.

Emergency Service