Allied Projects

Electrical Contracting

Allied has successfully completed many large electrical contracts. Thanks to our teamwork, innovation and electrical expertise, we have what it takes to tackle a wide variety of projects.

Right from the beginning of the bid process, we assemble a team who will work on the project from cradle to grave. Our team will look for ways to save your project money and improve the schedule, all while maintaining the quality specified. Our clients have written many reference letters telling us we are easy to work with and complimenting our high quality of craftsmanship.

New Construction

Whether the new construction project is commercial, civil infrastructure, institutional, light industrial or a special project, Allied has built them all. Our projects range from small specialized projects to out-of-the-box cookie-cutter type projects to large complex projects. Many of our projects have achieved different levels of LEED certification.


Existing structures are sometimes in need of renovation. Whether your goal is to improve the aesthetics of your building, modernize to improve productivity and gain operational savings, create a more effective use of your space, increase your power, or reduce your environmental footprint, Allied can help. We can do our work while you do yours. Working in a functioning facility requires special care and attention to cleanliness, noise, and the safety of staff and public. Our crews know how to stay out of the way of your operations while we complete the project. When a hospital trusts us to work on their emergency room while it’s still in operation, you know you can trust us to work on your operational facility.

High Voltage (up to and including 15kV) Systems

Not every electrical contractor has the ability and expertise for high voltage work, but Allied does. This is one of the areas of expertise that makes Allied stand out. Our experience, procedures, safety training, and proper equipment allow us to safely complete these more complex projects. We handle all testing and commissioning of our products.

Security Systems

Allied has installed many different security system configurations in both new construction and renovations. We can offer you our expertise to give you the best security system installation possible.

Fire Alarm Systems

Being able to rely on your fire alarm system is critical. Allied has been entrusted with many fire alarm system installations, and we’ve developed a reputation in the industry for reliability.

Communication Systems

Communicating – connecting: the backbone of every human system. Allied installs a wide range of communication systems: voice, data, fiber optic, wireless access, VoIP systems, audio/visual, nurse call. Just about any system related to communications and data transfer. Having installed critical communication systems in functioning (and new) facilities, we know the importance of maintaining the integrity of the current systems while being expanded.

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Looking to lower your energy consumption and reduce your operating costs? Want to increase employee/occupant satisfaction and productivity? You may be considering an energy efficiency retrofit and we can help. We have done many of these, often in functioning facilities where operations cannot be interrupted. Our good relationships with our manufacturers keep us up-to-date on the latest technologies for energy efficient products.


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