Allied Projects


When you’ve done as much electrical contracting work as we have, you tend to acquire some significant skills in creating accurate construction estimates. Allied has the innovation and creativity to come up with an estimate that addresses budget, quality and schedule requirements. We’ll put our pooled expertise to work for you and come up with the best ideas and solutions for your project.

Our estimators are journeymen electricians with many years of field experience so they understand the real world of the construction site – leading to better estimates. We use Accubid to create our estimates, and Microsoft Project to convey the scheduling requirements based on the scope of work.

Design Assist

One of the areas we can make a significant difference in project planning is in a design assist model. Get us involved early in your project and we can offer recommendations that can reduce the time and cost of your electrical installation.

If you’re still in the planning stages of your project, we can help. Just get in touch.

Emergency Service