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Buildings, Systems & Equipment Servicing

Everything electrical has the potential to break down eventually. When that happens, Allied is there to help. Our electrical expertise means we can get to the heart of a problem quickly, and our extensive skills and competitively priced inventory mean we can make repairs or replacements quickly and at reasonable cost.

Contact us to learn more about our electrical servicing experience and offerings.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

 Time to replace or retrofit inefficient equipment and lighting? Want to save some of your hard-earned cash on utilities while looking after the environment and reducing your carbon footprint? We’d love to help you! Some of the easiest ways to get started include:

  • Replacing outdated lighting with new LED fixtures
  • Installing daylight or time-based controls
  • Installing occupancy sensors
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Installing maximum-demand controllers

Financing programs are available for some energy efficiency projects. Talk to us, we can help you find programs to get you saving on utilities quickly.

Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems are the interconnected systems within a building designed to protect, notify, and evacuate the people within the premises in an emergency situation. These systems include ULC-listed fire monitoring systems, fire detection and signalling systems, fire suppression systems, and emergency lighting to safe exits.

Given the importance of these systems, keeping them at peak performance is critical to their reliability.  Annual inspections, testing, and certifications give peace of mind that these systems are ready for the emergency when it occurs.  Allied is certified to provide ULC level inspections. Some of our life safety system equipment servicing include:

  • ULC-certified fire and security monitoring services
  • Fire alarm system inspections, testing, and certifications
  • Fire suppression system testing, installations, and certifications
  • VESDA and Aspire installations and programming

Emergency Service