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Why Choose Allied

If you’ve ever walked across the Peace Bridge, admired the changing colours on the Langevin Bridge, played soccer at the Genesis Centre, or visited the Ralph Klein Environmental Park, then you already know about our electrical projects. As one of Alberta’s largest electrical contractors, we have the capacity and expertise to manage projects of all sizes in the commercial, civil infrastructure, institutional and light industrial sectors. Our high quality standards and track record of successfully completing projects on time and on budget have earned us an enviable reputation. And our bonding capability is high, reflecting the financial stability of our organization.

Like most electrical contractors in the industry, we have competitive pricing, commitment to safety, and quality workmanship, so why choose us as your electrical contractor or electrical service provider? Why should you walk in our door rather than go down the road?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but it really comes down to two things: innovation and teamwork.


Allied nurtures innovation and believes that good ideas come from every corner of our company. Our electrical expertise, our ideas, procedures and solutions enable us to provide innovative customer-focused recommendations that consider the longer term life cycle of the building or equipment rather than just the construction or installation. We partner with suppliers and other industry professionals to stay abreast of changing technologies. By soliciting and using good ideas, we find creative, practical solutions to our customers’ unique challenges.


Allied operates in a team culture, so we bring a strong understanding of the values and challenges of being team members to every project. In fact, the idea of teamwork is built right into our name. And as an employee-owned company, each member of the Allied team is responsible for making our customers’ projects successful. By spreading the responsibility for excellence across every member of our team, we are consistently able to deliver our services on time and on budget.

Allied has a unique approach to the bid process. The team that bids a project also builds the project. This keeps the knowledge gained throughout the bid process in the project and results in good communication and continuity of planning throughout the life of the project. Familiar faces, no hand-offs, nothing lost in translation.



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