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Allied Projects Is One Of Alberta's Largest Full Service Diversified Electrical Contractors

With the capacity and expertise to deliver projects of all sizes in the commercial, civil infrastructure, institutional and light industrial sectors, Calgary-based Allied Projects has been providing best-in-class electrical contracting, project management, and ongoing service and maintenance to government and industry since 1996.

The projects contracts we undertake are so much more than just projects to us. They are opportunities to help bring to life the places and businesses that make our city and province great.

Our goal is simple and is always the same: We aim to be the best at what we do, to meet and beat the measures set for us by our clients, and by ourselves.

Learn more about how Allied and our people can bring your project to life.

Team Member Spotlight

Derek Melville, Superintendent

Red Seal Journeyman, Master Electrician with over 15 years in the electrical industry

Derek is a Communicator Extraordinaire – with his team and with his customers. He is the hub of information with a flair for diplomacy. He can find a solution that pleases everyone for almost every situation because they all trust him.

Derek is a fervent SeaHawks fan. This Canadian boy has thrown over the CFL for the NFL.

Jerry Schellenberg, Superintendent

Red Seal Journeyman with more than 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry

Jerry is very detailed and persistent. Nothing is left undone or unknown when Jerry is on the job.

Jerry’s philosophy on carpe diem is to spend the day on the river, with a pole and a fly.

Sean Savage, Superintendent

Red Seal Journeyman with more than 30 years’ experience in the electrical field

Sean has experienced “everything” in the electrical industry, he is a master of technical knowledge – nothing stumps Sean

Sean is an avid golfer – often found in the AZ desert

Darrell Agar, Safety Coordinator

Red Seal Journeyman Electrician, National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO)

Proactive, collaborative approach to safety – Darrell has everyone interested in Safety from all levels of our organization

When something works out as planned, Darrell’s favorite expression is “cool beans” – we’re all working towards that.

Darrell is an experimenter – he wants to dabble in everything and master nothing: fishing, golfing, hunting, archery, video games

Rod Filgas, Superintendent

Red Seal Journeyman with more than 20 years’ experience in the electrical industry

Rod loves to work very closely with the GC and the Owner – ensuring the project is proceeding according to their plans. He communicates regularly with them to keep everyone in the loop about construction.

Rod takes his name seriously – he loves hot-rodding off road – motorcycles, ATVs, skidoos – anything with a motor.

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